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Communicating fellow feeling and warmth, attentiveness to patients as people, as expressed through actions attuned to their suffering and needs, is strongly associated with patient satisfaction.
From Intelligent Kindness by Ballatt & Campling (RCPsych, 2011)

Welcome to GP Safe House

The General Practice Safe House is a virtual space providing a refuge and place of support for everyone working in primary care. Whilst it was initially designed for GPs and dentists to help them manage professional challenges, it has become clear that all staff who man the NHS frontlines in general practice may be in need of support at one time or another.

The Safe House endeavours to provide practical advice whether you are seeking ways to build a productive and supportive work environment for your team or organisation, self-help methods to build resilience personally or more specific support for yourself or a colleague when troubled.

Much of the information available is pertinent to any general practice worker, no matter what your role. However, the Safe House also provides some targeted areas which deal with more role-sensitive issues. It guarantees anonymity, security and confidentiality and understands that these are essential.

The Safe House has a number of virtual rooms which offer information and resources corresponding to potential challenges/problem areas. If you have any comments or feedback on your experience of using the Safe House, please potter down to the Garden Shed and leave them there. This website is a work-in-progress and we are refreshing and evolving the materials as the weeks and months go by - your comments will be very welcome.

For the time being, we also have an isolation unit in which you will find information that may be helpful to you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Entrance Hall: an introduction to the Safe House
  • Self-help Gym: ideas to help you stay well/resilient
  • Staff Room: ideas to improve our organisational culture and team working
  • Consulting Rooms: role-specific advice for clinicians in their patient-facing capacity
  • Manager's Office: for anyone holding a leadership role in primary care (includes partnership issue guidance)
  • Stress Reduction Centre: for anyone feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • Burnout Recovery Suite: for anyone struggling to keep going
  • Contacts for Support & Advice: includes password protected area to access local advocates
  • Library of Resources: an index of suggestions
  • Garden Shed: an opportunity to provide feedback on the Safe House
  • Isolation Unit: COVID-19 specific advice
The Garden Shed
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