Background Information about the GP Safe House Project

GP SAFE HOUSE - What is it?

GP SAFE HOUSE (GPSH) is an innovative educational tool aimed at pre-empting the kind of problems GPs have, which can finally lead to what is coming to be known as "under-performance."

In the modern world, it is hardly surprising that GPs can become stressed or occasionally "not cope" when they provide expert health advice and action for the public on a confidential one-to-one basis, essentially for all comers. It is hard to think of another professional group offering this level of commitment.

GP SAFE HOUSE is a complete system for GPs and those who provide pastoral support for them, based on the GPSH website which contains 5 Rooms of specific information for GPs about:

  • Health
  • Burnout
  • Professional relationships
  • Non-clinical Patient management resources
  • GP Career development

The 2nd function of the website enables a GP anonymously to contact a GP Advocate, if they opt for direct personal support. Advocates are local GPs providing confidential pastoral support for their colleagues, usually from the LMC.

GP SAFE HOUSE was designed de novo and the content written by Dr Roger Crabtree and colleagues. CPDForum Ltd, a not-for-profit company, was commissioned to provide it.

GPSH is now available for other LMCs or groups who provide or wish to provide pastoral support for GPs. We are keen to promote it and will continue provide the product on a not-for-profit basis.

Our policy is to continuously improve and enlarge the content of the 5 Rooms. The GPSH Editorial Group will meet 3 times per year and will develop the content in line with GPs' actual needs as these evolve.

The only additional cost for an LMC is to provide the GP Advocates who may be existing LMC pastoral officers.

Any feedback: karen@almc.co.uk

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  • Funding
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  • Avon GPSH is funded by Avon LMC.
  • GPSH was originally commissioned
    by the Clinician Support Service
    and its contents are strictly copyright.
  • Credits
  • Original idea: Roger Crabtree
  • Research and Text: Lynn Collins
  • Website Design: Anne Hicks
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