Most PMs fly solo and may enjoy all aspects of their sole responsibilities. Others may experience these responsibilities as isolating, and would value more peer support than is offered by the regular patch PM meetings you already attend.


  • Peer mentoring with a PM from another practice. Mentoring schemes exist in many Deaneries these days and there will be people available who will have expertise in setting up mentoring relationships. GPs in your own practice may already be taking part in such schemes and they could support you in setting this up too. Patch PM meetings may also either have such schemes in place or welcome suggestions about doing so.
  • Online support. This is an extension of face-to-face mentoring and a quick and easy way to get help, information and back-up for any of the myriad concerns you may have. Colleagues from other practices may like to take part.
  • In-house support. The team leaders from the various work areas within the practice no doubt meet with you to talk over issues arising. This might be a good time to air your own concerns and ask for appropriate support.
  • PM meetings which are solely focused on support and not on the day-to-day business of implementing policy and decisions. These could be peer-led workshops on various aspects of the PM's role to which everyone could contribute.
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