Thinking Pitstops

If you've got something on your mind that you want to think through but find yourself short of time or continually being interrupted, a Thinking Pitstop might be a useful intervention for you.

When we're troubled by something, we can often jump into problem-solving mode without truly thinking things through and fully understanding what it is that is troubling us. This is not surprising as thinking takes time, something we are perilously short of most of the time in primary care. When allowed to think, we may find that our thinking comes in waves, with one thought rolling seamlessly into another; or we may find that our thoughts jump around from one to another with only loose associations. Based on the work of Nancy Kline ('Time to Think'), a Thinking Pitstop is a 15 minute session with a trained facilitator who will guide you through a process that will enable you to relax, then follow your waves and associations of thought in search of some understanding and/or clarity of your issue.

At times of particularly high stress, experiencing a Thinking Pitstop might be useful several times a day; when things are calmer, perhaps once a week would be sufficient. It is not envisioned as a stand-alone intervention in most cases, but at only 15 minutes it might be easier to manage than an hour a week of coaching.

If you would like to try this intervention for yourself, or ask further questions, please book a 15 minute session with:
Daniel Berrio Galan at:https://calendly.com/somerset_lmc_support
Zoe Fox at:https://calendly.com/zoe-fox

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